Life’s New Chapter

There’s never been a doubt that time flies fast. But THAT FAST?! Been itching to return to blogging for some time, and then the reality of the fact that my last post was three (3!) years ago totally hit me! Wow, how recently it was that we expected our precious little boy, and yet how long ago!… God, am I grateful that You are beyond time! 

So…. What amazing, challenging, unforgettable three years it has been! On February 13 (yes, indeed, three years ago on this day) we were blessed with our third child, our sweet little Matthew.

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Matthew, or how we lovingly call him Matviyko, had fit right in! Just a perfect addition to our family. Today we are celebration his third birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Matviyko! You are an amazing boy, a precious son, a sweet brother, and one really cool dude! 😉



I am eager to share more about the many blessings we’ve experienced as a family during these three years. But let’s take it one step at a time! 

Love being back here 🙂


In The Nesting Mood

Wow, I don’t find myself that very interesting in keeping up my blog anymore! There are so many wonderful things to share, yet I have completely occupied my mind (AND my time) with something else – getting ready for the our new baby’s arrival! It seems I had a late start with this child – usually I would have been all set to go by now (the due date is February 12th!). But when you already have two kids, the third one seems such a natural thing that you almost forget to prepare! 🙂

We have finally set up the crib and a dresser/changing table, I have washed all there is to wash for the little one (hopefully!), bought two huge boxes of diapers :), and in the true spirit of nesting have started a huge task of tidying up the whole house :):):). Now, that is quite a challenge, you should know, as it also means going through dozens of boxes in our garage that haven’t yet been sorted out since we moved here half a year ago!! The most unbelievable thing is that I actually enjoy it! It definitely must be pregnancy hormones, dimming my conscience! 😉 The Salvation Army will truly enjoy the large bags of stuff I’ve set aside for them to pick. And my husband just might stop calling our garage a big dump! 🙂

As for the baby, he is enjoying himself, as far as I can tell. Now he managed to move himself into a breech position, just weeks before being born (no, it happened BEFORE I did all the bending and cleaning! :)). None of my two kids did that, so this one might be special in his own way. Tonight my husband and I enjoyed looking through baby pictures of our two older children, and now can’t wait to see what kind of personality will our little Matthew Peter have!..


The holidays have come and gone, leaving us happy and tired. The kids had the most fun, of course! Opening the gifts, cracking the party poppers and goofing around is a fail-proof ticket to a great celebration. Although I must admit I was totally wiped out and exhausted, I am grateful to God for yet another wonderful time He gave to us as a family!..

Ahh, the beauty of a peaceful Christmas morning, before the gang is awake...

Kids are working on their gifts! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Last Friday our son had a Christmas party at his school. I was responsible for bringing birthday cupcakes. Since the theme was Jesus’ Birthday, I really wanted the cupcakes to reflect it. So shopping I went…

I checked several party stores along with other larger retailers/grocery stores in search of anything that would at least remotely mention the true reason of the holiday. Nothing. There were snowmen, trees, gingerbread people, but nothing Christ-mas-y.

The cupcakes were baked and lovingly decorated with light green frosting and festive sprinkles, but I still felt that something was missing. Good thing there’s always Google! After looking through a dozen of sites, I came across something that actually made me quite happy. A template for a “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” cupcake toppers! And it was right there, just in the next blog! 🙂 Thank you,  Di !

I decided I didn’t want my toppers to be that big, so I chose a “two pages per sheet” setting at my printer and, as a result, got very cute little circles with the message I was looking for – “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” I really shouldn’t disclose how late I stayed that night, cutting out little thingies and gluing them on toothpicks, but next morning they were the centerpiece of the party!

I was so glad that our kids actually got to celebrate the true meaning of the season – the birth of our Saviou Jesus Christ! The cupcakes were gone to the last morsel, and everyone had lots of fun!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

A Borrowed Treasure…

Blogging can be very rewarding! One of the benefits is actually getting to meet other bloggers and sharing in their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Here is a video I came across on Natasha’s blog. I think it is such a great idea to implement in any church:

It made me think of what MY sign would say.

What would YOUR sign say?..

All In One Place

Finally my dear husband is back from his week-long trip to China. It feels so good to have the whole family in one place! Praise God for Illya’s safe travels and return home!..

We were somewhat concern about his flight, as he had a layover in Seoul, Korea. The latest news were not too comforting…


South Korea to conduct firing drills from border island

South Korean marines on Sunday patrolled on Yeonpyeong Island, the site of a North Korean shelling attack last month.

Dec 19, 2010

YEONPYEONG ISLAND, South Korea (AP) — South Korea says it’s going ahead with live firing drills from a border island despite a threat by North Korea to retaliate.

An officer says South Korean Marines will conduct the artillery drills on Yeonpyeong Island, the site that was shelled by a North Korean artillery barrage last month.

The officer also says that South Korea’s military will “immediately and sternly” deal with any possible provocation by North Korea.

People on the island have been ordered to evacuate to underground shelters. Residents of four other front-line islands also were ordered to take shelter.

At the United Nations, the Security Council failed to agree on a statement to address rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. Diplomats say China refused to condemn the North Koreans for two deadly attacks this year that helped send relations to their lowest point in decades.

(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

(Picture was borrowed from

Have I Killed My Day In Vain?..


I have had the laziest day ever! After all the muss and fuss of holiday shopping, packing, shipping, baking, school parties and such, my body demanded some serious rest. So I gave in and slept till after 11 am! It never happens to me! Even if my kids would let me, my body wouldn’t. It just feels like such a waste of time!

Nooo, not today!

And what do you think I did after I finally woke up? Having lost the last grain of conscience, I skipped the breakfast and “good-mornings” and sat at my computer for the rest of the day, designing a photo book on Shutterfly! What makes it worse is the fact that it was my last-minute Christmas gift idea for my mother-in-law (who, by the way, was the one watching kids all this day!) Actually, for quite some time I have wanted to make a sort of a photo almanac, featuring the pictures that she had taken – she takes tons of them! – and give it to her as a gift. But to me, just the thought was intimidating. I mean, we now have 4,000+ pictures taken just by her! And those are just covering this very year of 2010!!! (I am NOT counting the pictures taken by me or my husband).

But she has been so good to me. I just wanted to give her something very special. Something above the average. So I braved the photo book idea.

I know she will love it. I can’t wait till it arrives and then till the Christmas Day when I can actually give it to her!.. I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures of her facial expressions when she opens her gift! (Wouldn’t that make a good start for the next year’s photo book?! ;))

Our Year 2010 In Pictures

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